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Last week the guys were ministering on the prison rec yard. The revival group pastor told the group gathered around to ask God for the impossible. An older man spoke up and said, “My daughter hasn’t talked to me in 47 years. That’s my impossible.” A couple of weeks later, God began to stir up this man’s impossible in the heart of the RGP. He wondered if anyone had ever tried to find this woman, so he contacted his sister in the free world to see if she could find the man’s daughter with only a name. There were 50 women with that same name. But she found her! The woman listened to what was going on with her father and sent back a word to him. She said, “Tell him that I became a Christian a year ago and that I’m working on forgiving him.” When the older man was told what his daughter had said, he cried like a baby. Yes, we have a God who loves to do what we think is impossible, and He loves to have us partner with Him.